#KidsArentSouvenirs – Support Child-Friendly ASIAN GAMES 2018

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ASIAN GAMES 2018 offers various opportunities for Indonesians, however this massive activity has also brought risks that need to be anticipated especially in terms of child protection. Mega-sporting events put children in risky situation where they could be exploited sexually. The increasing number of tourists has the potential to to increase crimes such as child trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution.

Therefore, we run Child-Friendly Asian Games 2018 and Kids Aren’t Souvenirs campaign to raise public awareness about this issue. Let’s support Child-Friendly Asian Games! Kids Aren’t Souvenirs because if you BUY them, you Break them! #KidsArentSouvenirs #ChildFriendlyAsianGames #AsianGamesRamahAnak #AsianGames

ECPAT Indonesia#KidsArentSouvenirs – Support Child-Friendly ASIAN GAMES 2018

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