Indonesia’s Preparing Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children

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On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection held a Focus Group Discussion on the Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children from Exploitation. This FGD involved various stakeholders such as the Regional Government, Law Enforcement and Civil Society Institutions who actively assist and advocate children. In this activity, ECPAT Indonesia was involved as a facilitator to gather information related to the use of terminology for the exploitation of children in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government initiative to organize this FGD is the result of ECPAT Indonesia advocacy. ECPAT Indonesia encourages the government to have terminology guidelines so that stakeholders have a common understanding of the terminology related to child sexual exploitation. The government responds to the idea and will develop the terminology guidelines that have been prepared by ECPAT International with a wider scope, including the exploitation of children for economic benefits and other forms of exploitation.

The Indonesian government targets that the formulation of terminology can become a rule of national law so that stakeholders get a clearer and more uniform definition of terms used to explain and solve any child problems in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government targets the results of the preparation for the terminology guidelines to become national law. Thus, stakeholders have the same perception and perspective in interpreting cases of child exploitation in Indonesia.

ECPAT IndonesiaIndonesia’s Preparing Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children

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